Hi. I'm Adam.

I'm a WordPress user, writer and maker.

Hire me to...

Adam Lloyd

Adam Lloyd

I’m a sixth form student from the south west of the United Kingdom.

I have several years’ experience in websites and the WordPress CMS ranging from theme development to the creation of web applications to blogging for a range of companies and demographics.

On this website you’ll find information about my qualification and web projects, and you might even like to hire me to write or build a website or craft a web app.

Tech Blogging

I have experience in blogging about a number of subject matters, including WordPress and website technology.


WordPress Websites

For years, I’ve been using WordPress to create professional, functional, secure and easy-to-use websites for myself and clients.


Web Applications

I can develop web apps to perform complex tasks in a simple, user-friendly way. I utilise PHP and MySQL to achieve powerful functionality and ease-of-use.


What I'm Doing
AS Level Results

AS Level Results

At a Glance Maths: A Further Maths: A Physics: A Explainer: New AS/A2 system I didn’t take examinations in all...


So. What have I been up to? Since developing and releasing the new St. Andrew’s Church website, I’ve been having...

Fundraising for Freedom from Torture

Fundraising for Freedom from Torture

A JustGiving page has been launched in memory of my grandfather who died last Saturday, 5th March at half past...

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