School Voting System

My school’s student body needed a first past the post voting system (visit the final product). I made a PHP web app using the Bootstrap framework with the following features:

  • Administration system
    • Users
      • Unlimited users
      • Permissions
      • Deactivate user accounts
      • Send emails to users
      • Secure¬†login system
      • Secure password system
    • Elections
      • Create unlimited elections
      • Choose how many people can vote in an election
      • View results visually
      • View turnout
      • Activate and deactive elections
    • Candidates
      • Add unlimited candidates per election
      • Add a manifesto to be read by the electorate
    • Customisable site settings
      • Change logo
      • Change name of organisation
      • Change site location
      • Enable “maintenance mode”
      • Customisable HTML front page
      • Customisable HTML sidebar
      • Customisable HTML “Upcoming Meetings” section
  • Mobile-ready user end
    • View election history
    • Enter codes from back end to access election
    • Read candidate manifestos
    • Vote in election(s)
    • One vote per user

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