So. What have I been up to?

Since developing and releasing the new St. Andrew’s Church website, I’ve been having a lovely time doing non-commercial work – aside, of course, from some lovely content writing. Next year, as part of my Computing A2 I have to have a piece of coursework, or NEA (Non-Examined Assessment).

I’ve chosen to develop an administration system for my school’s work experience. I won’t write too much here lest I fall foul of JCQ guidelines on anything, but I’m quite excited about it. I’ve started using pretty permalinks for everything and I have some lovely relational databases. I’ve also moved (after going through mysql and mysqli) to PDO mysqlnd which is object-oriented and supports prepared statements. The next part of my project will be to use the Google APIs to do more than just embed a map, and actually do some decision maths. The feature it’ll build is a system that allocates visiting work experience placements to tutors at specific times. I’m guessing it’ll use some similar techniques to the system I built to link Ground Control and GLPI REST APIs for my school a while back. Although I’m getting towards the end of my data-handling part of the project, then, the hard bit is just beginning!

So, lots of fun here – I might need some testing done when I upload version 0.9-alpha. Watch this space!

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  1. Adam Lloyd

    Further update: all built and working and integrated with Google APIs and all sorts. I’m going to move it to a slightly nicer, better-planned codebase with OOP PHP throughout. Should be a fun Christmas project!

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