AS Level Results

At a Glance

Maths: A
Further Maths: A
Physics: A

Explainer: New AS/A2 system

I didn’t take examinations in all my subjects this year because of changes to some courses. Old-style courses (maths) are modular so exams had to be taken this year. New-style courses (physics, economics, computer science) can have AS levels, but these do not count towards the A2 grade. Everything from AS is assessed at A2, so I only took an AS in physics as this is the subject I do not intend to take to A2.


Subject NI Predicted UMS Grade
Mathematics A A 292 A
C1 A A 100 A
C2 A A 98 A
S1 A A 94 A
Further Mathematics A A 250 A
FP1 A A 91 A
D1 A A 90 A
S2 A A 69 C