Sixth Form Sign In

Hardenhuish School Sixth Form needed a more reliable way to keep a track of which sixth form students were on site, its current paper-based system wasting valuable minutes during emergency situations. All students had RFID “smart” cards for printing and cashless catering, so creating a system to sign in and out with cards seemed an obvious solution.

The system I created uses PHP to run a web app; students access the front end through an iPad and USB card scanner, and staff can view data through a back end.

Features include:

  • Azure AD and Windows authentication for staff, utilising the school’s single sign on system.
  • Capita SIMS integration for pupil and staff data, and automated imports of card serials stored in a separate database.
  • Live feed for staff to view students signing in and out.
  • Instant printable per-registration-group fire registers.
  • Sign in/out location and time tracking.
  • Per-student historical data view.
  • Staff registration override and whole-school automated sign out.

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