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Back in the days of old, when I had free time, I wrote quite a lot of blog posts. They were an eclectic mix of opinions on politics, religion and my English homework.

I’ve decided I’d quite like to get back into blogging, perhaps more diary-style (written more for me than any other audience). It’s Easter, I’m going away on some exciting new adventures next year (assuming I get the grades) – what better time than now to start again? So, I’ve given my website a bit of a fresh lick of paint – although this looks quite similar to the old theme, it’s a bit nicer and much more suited to blogging.

My only problem now is trying to find elements of my life worth writing about.

Certainly, I could moan about the fact that my dear old phone has almost exactly made it to the end of its two year contract (we’re two days off the end) and is now encountering some pretty serious issues. In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s broken. Excitingly, during the course of writing this blog post, I’ve found a new one that I think I’m going to get. There we go, maybe we can have a series on the funeral of my Xperia Z3 and the birth of a OnePlus 3T into the Lloyd family, as the first way to pull people in. My new SIM-only contract looks to be pretty good though, 16GB data per month is verrrry tasty.

Yes, I could moan about that. But actually, that would be boring, wouldn’t it? I think so. You know so – you just read the last paragraph.

This week is Holy Week

Oh, and yes, I’m an atheist, but let’s not allow that to get in the way of the fact that I love choral music. This is almost as good as Christmas!

We’re singing a fun new piece this Easter Sunday. I’m having to learn it at home because it’s been composed in a more musically intelligent way than my sight-singing / musical theory skills enable me to cope with normally. For instance, these two notes are written next to each other and are the same pitch because music theory and key signatures. Should be good, it’s a very nice piece of music indeed. Hopefully I might do it justice once I’ve learned it, too.

Easter also means eggs. I’m looking forward to it, greatly. Chocolate is excellent.

Here endeth the first, rather rambling, blog post. I might put a modicum of structure into them once I’ve thought of some topics to blog about. Happy Easter!

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