School Fixtures


I was asked to develop a web application to enable sports teachers to display match fixtures online. I was given an example of a similar application which also featured scores and match reports.

I created a solution with a simple interface, designed to be integrated into the school’s main WordPress website.

It contained:

  • User management system
    • Unlimited users
    • Permissions system
    • Password change system
  • Teams system
    • Assign team managers
    • Assign team captains
    • Deactivate old teams but keep an archive
    • Add fixtures
  • Reports system
    • Team captain can add reports for players
    • Team manager can add public match reports
  • Sports Cup system
    • Tutor group details can be updated
    • Move tutor groups each year

The demo version (with pared down user interface) can be found here. For a demo, please contact me.

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