After my last website met a slightly unhappy end when its server died a few days before I was due to move hosts, I’ve finally got my act together and made a shiny new one!

That means I might start blogging again. Hurrah!

I don’t have a whole lot of time because I’m being kept busy with full-time techie work, plus membership (and commuting to) two choirs in Bristol. Maybe after September, when I’m having a nice easy first year of university…only joking, of course; I’m hoping I’ll be going to Merton College, Oxford (the featured image on this post is from my Merton interviews). I’ll find out about that early in the new year. Alternatively, having declined Warwick, St Andrews, Birmingham and Leeds last year, this year I’ve got unconditional offers from Durham, Bristol, York and Edinburgh. If I didn’t get a place at Oxford (where my Merton choral award is already lined up, conditional on an academic offer), my choice on those four would largely be based upon choir offers – they all do Mathematics and Computer Science pretty well!
Here endeth the life update.

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